Drawings have names of the form


where mm is a number specifying the location on the telescope, X is a letter for the type of drawing, and nn is a sequence number.

Location--Parts Group ("mm"):

0 = overall. Overview drawings
1 = base
2 = azimuth bearing
3 = fork
4 = stub axles and their mounting blocks
5 = tube (tub to hold mirror)
6 = mirror support (primary mirror)
7 = top end and secondary-mirror supports
8 = azimuth drive
9 = altitude drive
10 = drive tractor units
11 = miscellaneous
12 = electronics
20 = enclosure

Function ("X")

a = assembly drawing
p = parts of an assembly
r = process drawings

The PDF files below may not give as much resolution as you'd like. If not, we have Postscript versions.. For a compressed TAR file with these Postscript files, click here (appx 11MB).


OVERALL (Group 00)

ast-00-a01 Overall View: Part Groups
ast-00-a02 Inner Envelope of Enclosure
ast-00-a03 Clearance for Home Position

BASE (Group 01)

ast-01-a01 Telescope Base
ast-01-a02 Exploded View of Base
ast-01-a03 Telescope Ventilation System
ast-01-a04 Ventilation Door for Base
ast-01-a05 Base Skirt
ast-01-a06 Parts for Base Shroud
ast-01-a07 Cross Section of Base Skirt
ast-01-a08 Azimuth Brake (Shock Absorber)
ast-01-a09 Azimuth Home Sensor
ast-01-a10 Azimuth Encoder Mount
ast-01-a11 Azimuth Encoder Mount, 2

ast-01-p01 Telescope Base Parts, 1
ast-01-p02 Telescope Base Parts, 2
ast-01-p03 Telescope Base Parts, 3
ast-01-p04 Telescope Base Parts, 4
ast-01-p05 Telescope Base Parts, 5
ast-01-p06 Parts of Duct Door, 1
ast-01-p07 Parts of Duct Door, 2
ast-01-p08 Parts of Base Skirt, 1
ast-01-p09 Parts of Base Skirt, 2
ast-01-p10 Parts of Base Skirt, 3
ast-01-p11 Parts for Drive Shroud
ast-01-p12 Parts for Motor Cover
ast-01-p13 Brake Slider Parts
ast-01-p14 Misc. Brake Parts
ast-01-p15 Parts for Zero-Point Mount
ast-01-p16 Central Hub (drive wheel)
ast-01-p17 Encoder Drive Wheel
ast-01-p18 Small Parts for Encoder Mount
ast-01-p19 Shims for Leveling Base

ast-01-r01 Spacing of Vertical Struts
ast-01-r02 Spacing on Base Top Plate
ast-01-r03 Machining Surfaces of Base
ast-01-r04 Holes for Rail in Base Shelf
ast-01-r05 Utilities Holes in Base Weldment
ast-01-r06 Fabrication of Duct Door
ast-01-r07 Modifiations of Base Skirt, 1
ast-01-r07a Welded frame of Base Skirt
ast-01-r08 Modifiations of Base Skirt, 2
ast-01-r09 Maching Brake Sliders


ast-02-a01 Central Pivot for Azimuth
ast-02-a02 Azimuthal Oil-pad Bearing System
ast-02-a03 Oil Distribution System
ast-02-a04 Oil Distribution System
ast-02-a05 Oil Return System
ast-02-a06 Oil-pumping System

ast-02-p01 Azimuth-Bearing Hub
ast-02-p02 Azimuth-Bearing Flexure
ast-02-p03 Upper Seal Holder
ast-02-p04 Lower Seal Holder
ast-02-p05 Mounting Flange for Az Bearing
ast-02-p06 Oil Pad for Azimuth Bearing, 1
ast-02-p07 Oil Pad for Azimuth Bearing, 2
ast-02-p08 Oil Pad for Azimuth Bearing, 3
ast-02-p09 Oil Pad for Azimuth Bearing, 4
ast-02-p10 Accessories for Oil Pad, 1
ast-02-p11 Accessories for Oil Pad, 2
ast-02-p12 Oil Overflow Troughs

FORK (Group 03)

ast-03-a01 General View of Fork
ast-03-a02 Exploded View of Fork
ast-03-a03 Air-Filter Frame
ast-03-a04 Alignment Jig for Fork

ast-03-p01 Base & Tine Plates
ast-03-p02 Outer Cylinder of Fork
ast-03-p03 Inner & Middle Cylinders
ast-03-p04 Inner & Outer Tine Plates
ast-03-p05 Top plates etc.
ast-03-p06 Inner Stiffeners for Fork
ast-03-p07 Inner Plates of Fork
ast-03-p08 Outer Tine Plates
ast-03-p09 Azimuth Bearing Plate
ast-03-p10 Top Plate: Slots for Welds
ast-03-p11 Covers for Fork Access Holes
ast-03-p12 Azimuth Alignment Jig
ast-03-p13 Standoff for Air-Filter Frame
ast-03-p14 Cover for Cable-Wrap Shaft
ast-03-p15 Umbilical Clamp/Feed-through

ast-03-r01 Assembly of Fork, 1
ast-03-r02 Assembly of Fork, 2
ast-03-r03 Assembly of Fork, 3
ast-03-r04 Assembly of Fork, 4
ast-03-r05 Assembly of Fork, 5
ast-03-r06 Machining of Fork Base
ast-03-r07 Machining of Fork Tines
ast-03-r08 Machining of Fork Base
ast-03-r09 Machining of Fork Attachnent Points, 1
ast-03-r10 Machining of Fork Attachment Points, 2


ast-04-a01 Altitude Axle and Mount (obsolete)
ast-04-a02 Stub Axle Holder (obsolete)
ast-04-a03 Pillow Block and Accessories
ast-04-a04 Absolute Encoder for Altitude

ast-04-p01 Altitude Axle (obsolete)
ast-04-p02 Outer Seal Holder (obsolete)
ast-04-p03 Inner Seal Holder (obsolete)
ast-04-p04 Axle Support Parts, 1 (obsolete)
ast-04-p05 Axle Support Parts, 2 (obsolete)
ast-04-p06 Axle Support Parts, 3 (obsolete)
ast-04-p07 Altitude Axle (For Aluminum Telescope)
ast-04-p08 Altitude Axle Adapter
ast-04-p09 Tilt Encoder Mount Parts, 1
ast-04-p10 Tilt Encoder Mount Parts, 2

ast-04-r01 Modification of Axles (probably obsolete)

TUBE (Group 05)

ast-05-a01 General View of Telescope Tube
ast-05-a02 Exploded View of Telescope Tube (obsolete)
ast-05-a03 Lateral-Support Detail (obsolete)
ast-05-a04 Axial Hard Points (obsolete)
ast-05-a05 Lateral Hard Points (obsolete)
ast-05-a06 Alt Bearing Housing Detail (obsolete)
ast-05-a07 Central Cylinder of Tube
ast-05-a08 Tube Back Cover

ast-05-p01 Part 5-001, Base Plate (obsolete)
ast-05-p02 Tube: Vertical Stiffener (obsolete)
ast-05-p03 Tube: Outer Plates (obsolete)
ast-05-p04 Tube: Upper Cylinder (obsolete)
ast-05-p05 Lateral Hard Point Attachments (obsolete)
ast-05-p06 Tube: Lower Cylinder (obsolete)
ast-05-p07 Tube: Central Cylinder (obsolete)
ast-05-p08 Tube: Hard-Point Stiffeners (obsolete)
ast-05-p09 Tube: Lateral Support Plates (obsolete)
ast-05-p10 Tube: Altitude Bearing Housing (obsolete)
ast-05-p11 Tube: Altitude Bearing Stiffeners (obsolete)
ast-05-p12 Tube: Top and Bottom Plates (obsolete)
ast-05-p15 Holes for Axial Support, 1 (obsolete)
ast-05-p16 Holes for Axial Support, 2 (obsolete)
ast-05-p17 Central Cylinder of Tube (parts)
ast-05-p18 New Parts for Tube
ast-05-p19 Port Covers for Telescope Tube
ast-05-p21 Parts for Telescope Tube Back Cover, 1
ast-05-p22 Parts for Telescope Tube Back Cover, 2
ast-05-p23 Parts for Instrument Head, 1
ast-05-p24 Parts for Instrument Head, 2
ast-05-p25 Parts for Instrument Head, 3
ast-05-p26 Parts for Instrument Head, 4
ast-05-p27 Parts for Instrument Head, 5
ast-05-p28 Parts for Instrument Head, 6
ast-05-p29 Parts for Instrument Head, 7
ast-05-p30 Parts for Instrument Head, 8
ast-05-p31 Catches for Mirror-Cell Cover
ast-05-p32 Holder for Limit Switch
ast-05-p33 Mirror Washing Dam
ast-05-p34 Baffle Extender
ast-05-p35 Extras for Mounting Guide Camera

ast-05-r01 Fabrication of Tube, 1 (obsolete)
ast-05-r02 Fabrication of Tube, 2 (obsolete)
ast-05-r03 Fabrication of Tube, 3 (obsolete)
ast-05-r04 Fabrication of Tube, 4 (obsolete)
ast-05-r05 Fabrication of Tube, 5 (obsolete)
ast-05-r10 Modification of Tube, 1
ast-05-r11 Modification of Tube, 2
ast-05-r12 Modification of Tube, 3
ast-05-r13 Modification of Tube, 4
ast-05-r14 Machining Axle Adapter
ast-05-r15 Machining Central Cylinder
ast-05-r16 Fabricating Tube Back Cover
ast-05-r17 Finishing Tube Back Cover
ast-05-r18 Fabricating Instrument Head
ast-05-r19 Machining Instrument Head, 1
ast-05-r20 Machining Instrument Head, 2
ast-05-r22 Fabricating Instrument-Head Cover
ast-05-r23 Machining Guide-Mirror Holder
ast-05-r24 Boring Holes in Guide Mirror


ast-06-a01 Primary Mirror Axial Supports
ast-06-a02 Outside Lateral Support
ast-06-a03 Central Lateral Support
ast-06-a04 Axial Support Levers
ast-06-a04a Axial Support Levers (forces reqd)
ast-06-a05 Axial Support & Hard Point
ast-06-a06 Axial Hard Point-Details (obsolete)
ast-06-a07 Axial Hard Point-Details (supersedes AST-06-A06)
ast-06-a07a Axial Hard Point-Details (supersedes AST-06-A07)
ast-06-a08 Adjustment of Lateral Hard Points

ast-06-p01 Axial-Support Parts, 1
ast-06-p02 Axial-Support Parts, 2
ast-06-p03 Axial-Support Parts, 3
ast-06-p04 Lateral-Support Parts, 1
ast-06-p05 Lateral-Support Parts, 2
ast-06-p06 Replacement Puck for Primary Mirror
ast-06-p07 Parts for Axial Hard Point (obsolete)
ast-06-p08 Parts for Axial Hard Point
ast-06-p09 Parts for Axial Hard Point
ast-06-p10 Primary-Mirror Alignment Jig
ast-06-p11 Force-Transferring Column
ast-06-p12 Jig for Inserting Lateral Levers
ast-06-p13 Parts for Redesigned Hard Points

ast-06-r01 Modification of Standoff
ast-06-r02 Modification of 6-020 & 6-021
ast-06-r03 Assembly of Hard-point Screw (obsolete)

TOP END (Group 07)

ast-07-a01 General View of Top End
ast-07-a02 Secondary Mirror Cell
ast-07-a03 Secondary Mirror Cell, Front View
ast-07-a04 Secondary Mirror Cell, Back View
ast-07-a05 Cover for Top End
ast-07-a06 Lifting Jig for Secondary Mirror

ast-07-p01 Foot for Top End
ast-07-p02 Uprights and Cylinder
ast-07-p03 Top-End Struts
ast-07-p04 Baffle Support Pieces
ast-07-p05 Baffles
ast-07-p06 Guy lines for top end (first form)
ast-07-p07 Guy lines for top end (second form)
ast-07-p08 Secondary Mirror
ast-07-p08a Remake of Secondary Mirror
ast-07-p09 Roughing Out Mirror Hanger
ast-07-p10 Fine Machining of Mirror Hanger
ast-07-p11 Stud & Keeper for Secondary Mirror
ast-07-p11a Stud & Keeper for Secondary Mirror (Remake)
ast-07-p12 Parts for Mirror Cell, 1
ast-07-p13 Parts for Mirror Cell, 2
ast-07-p14 Parts for Mirror Cell, 3
ast-07-p15 Parts for Mirror Cell, 4
ast-07-p16 Secondary Mirror: Flexures and Cables
ast-07-p17 Parts for Mirror Cell, 5
ast-07-p18 Misc. Parts for Secondary Cell
ast-07-p19 Lateral Link
ast-07-p20 Adapters for Seconary-Mirror Cell
ast-07-p21 Parts for Top-End Cover
ast-07-p22 Shims for Top End
ast-07-p23 Tools for Hindle Shell
ast-07-p24 Parts for Secondary Mirror Lifting Jig

ast-07-r01 Top-End Assembly, 1
ast-07-r02 Top-End Assembly, 2
ast-07-r03 Top-End Assembly, 3
ast-07-r04 Fabricating Secondary Mirror Cell
ast-07-r05 Machining Secondary Mirror Cell, 1
ast-07-r06 Machining Secondary Mirror Cell, 2
ast-07-r07 Machining Secondary Mirror Cell, 3


ast-08-a01 General View Azimuth Drive Wheel

ast-08-p01 Az. Drive Wheel Parts, 1
ast-08-p02 Az. Drive Wheel Parts, 2
ast-08-r01 Machining Azimuth Wheel, 1
ast-08-r02 Machining Azimuth Wheel, 2


ast-09-a01 Altitude Drive Wheel
ast-09-a02 Altitude Drive Strut
ast-09-a03 Brake for Altitude Drive

ast-09-p01 Altitude Wheel Parts, 1 (obsolete)
ast-09-p02 Altitude Wheel Parts, 2
ast-09-p03 Altitude Wheel Parts, 3
ast-09-p04 Altitude Wheel Parts, 4 (obsolete)
ast-09-p05 Altitude Wheel Parts, 5 (obsolete)
ast-09-p06 Altitude Drive Strut Parts, 1
ast-09-p07 Altitude Brake Parts, 1
ast-09-p08 Altitude Brake Parts, 2
ast-09-p09 Altitude Brake Parts, 3

ast-09-r01 Machining Altitude Drive Sector
ast-09-r02 Altitude-Drive Attachment Feet
ast-09-r03 Altitude-Drive Braces


ast-10-a01 Telescope Drives (Overall)
ast-10-a02 Azimuth Drives Attachment
ast-10-a03 Azimuth Slider/Brake Attachment
ast-10-a04 Altitude Drive Attachment
ast-10-a06 Tractor Clamp Spring Holder
ast-10-a07 Drive Tractor (General View)
ast-10-a08 Drive-Tractor Body
ast-10-a09 Drive Roller and Motor Assembly
ast-10-a10 Drive Clamp Assembly
ast-10-a11 Tractor Clamp Spring Holder
ast-10-a12 Remake of Azimuth Tensioners
ast-10-a13 Remake of Tilt Tensioners

ast-10-p01 Drive Parts, 1
ast-10-p02 Drive Parts, 2
ast-10-p03 Slider/Brake Parts, 1
ast-10-p04 Parts for Altitude-Drive Attachment
ast-10-p05 Altitude Drive Attachment Block
ast-10-p07 Drive Tractor Parts, 1
ast-10-p08 Drive Tractor Parts, 2
ast-10-p09 Drive Clamp Frame (obsolete)
ast-10-p10 Altitude-Drive Clamp Frame (obsolete)
ast-10-p11 Drive Clamp Parts (obsolete)
ast-10-p12 Drive Train Parts, 1
ast-10-p13 Drive Train Parts, 2
ast-10-p14 Drive Train Parts, 3
ast-10-p15 Safety Clamps
ast-10-p16 Azimuth Track Hardware, 1
ast-10-p17 Parts for Tractor Clamp Spring
ast-10-p18 Small Drive Parts
ast-10-p19 Drive Flexures
ast-10-p20 Bearing Mounting Tools, 1
ast-10-p21 Azimuth Tractor Hanger, 1
ast-10-p22 Parts for Azimuth-Drive Hanger
ast-10-p23 Tools for Dismounting Bearings
ast-10-p24 Guide-roller Mounts For Altitude
ast-10-p25 Guide-roller Mounts for Azimuth
ast-10-p26 Sleeve for Alignment Roller, 1
ast-10-p27 Sleeve for Alignment Roller, 2
ast-10-p28 Extra Pieces for Drive Tractors
ast-10-p29 Parts for New Tilt Tensioner, 1
ast-10-p30 Parts for New Tilt Tensioner, 2
ast-10-p31 Parts for Azimuth Tensioner, 1
ast-10-p32 Parts for Azimuth Tensioner, 2
ast-10-p33 Parts for Azimuth Tensioner, 3
ast-10-p34 Parts for Azimuth Tensioner, 4
ast-10-p35 Tool for Algning Motors

ast-10-r01 Azimuth Drive Attachment, 1
ast-10-r02 Azimuth Drive Attachment, 2
ast-10-r03 Azimuth Drive Attachment, 3
ast-10-r04 Machining Slider/Brake Attachment
ast-10-r05 Machining Altitude-Drive Attachment
ast-10-r06 Azimuth Slider Hardware
ast-10-r07 Fabrication of Drive Tractor Body
ast-10-r08 Machining of Drive Tractor Body, 1
ast-10-r09 Machining of Drive Tractor Body, 2
ast-10-r10 Motor-Mount Cylinder
ast-10-r11 Fabrication of Drive Clamp (obsolete)
ast-10-r12 Machining of Azimuth Drive Clamp (obsolete)
ast-10-r13 Machining of Altitude Drive Clamp (obsolete)
ast-10-r14 Base Holes in New Tilt Tensioner


ast-11-a01 Mirror Lifting Fixture
ast-11-a03 Top-End Fixture
ast-11-a04 Top-End Fixture: Dimensions
ast-11-a05 Upper Top-End Jig
ast-11-a06 Mirror Lifting Frame
ast-11-a07 Secondary-Mirror Fixture (obsolete)
ast-11-a08 Mirror-Lifting Setup
ast-11-a09 Stay Bars for Tip (Altitude)
ast-11-a10 Primary Mirror Covers
ast-11-a11 Motor Mounts for Control Tests
ast-11-a12 Disaster System
ast-11-a13 Tool for Lifting Telescope

ast-11-p01 Lifting-Fixture Parts, 1
ast-11-p02 Lifting-Fixture Parts, 2
ast-11-p04 Parts od Lifting Frame
ast-11-p05 Top-End Fixture: Parts
ast-11-p06 Stay-Bar Attachments
ast-11-p07 Stay Bars
ast-11-p08 Mirror-Cover Parts, 1
ast-11-p09 Mirror-Cover Parts, 2
ast-11-p10 Motor Mounts for Control Tests
ast-11-p11 Reaction Wheels for Control Tests
ast-11-p12 Parts for Disaster System, 1
ast-11-p13 Parts for Disaster System, 2
ast-11-p14 Parts for Disaster System, 3
ast-11-p15 Parts for Lifting System, 1
ast-11-p16 Parts for Lifting System, 2

ast-11-r01 Stay-Bar Attachment for Base
ast-11-r02 Stay-Bar Attachment for Tube
ast-11-r03 Mirror-Cover Fabrication, 1
ast-11-r04 Mirror-Cover Fabrication, 2
ast-11-r05 Mirror-Cover Fabrication, 3
ast-11-r06 Modifying Base for Disaster System


ast-12-a01 Drive Electronics Box
ast-12-a02 Computer Box

ast-12-p01 Framing for Control Boxes
ast-12-p02 Stiffeners for Control Boxes
ast-12-p03 Sheathing for Control Boxes

ast-12-r01 Layout of Electronics Box
ast-12-r02 Layout of Computer Box
ast-12-r03 Upright Members of Control Boxes


ast-13-a01 Basic Division of Control System
ast-13-a02 Control Program Structure (obsolete)
ast-13-a03 Cabling for AST Control System
ast-13-a04 Implementation of Control Loop
ast-13-a05 Control of Echelle Spectrograph

ast-13-p01 Parts for IMS Mounts
ast-13-p01 Drill Template for IMS Mounts

ast-13-r01 Wiring IMS Controllers
ast-13-r02 Wiring IMS Controllers, EAD Version
ast-13-r03 Wiring CyMOD Units
ast-13-r04 Wiring Absolute Encoders
ast-13-r05 Wiring Pressure Sensor
ast-13-r07 Cabling from GPSPC to TrueTime
ast-13-r08 Wiring Galil Breakout Panel
ast-13-r09 Wiring Motor-Control Cable, Axis 0

ENCLOSURE (Group 20)

ast-20-a01 Telescope Enclosure, Overview
ast-20-a02 Front Flap (Door) of Enclosure
ast-20-a02a Front Flap (Door) Open
ast-20-a02b Door Lifting Mechanism-Bifold (obsolete)
ast-20-a03 Enclosure Base Side Truss
ast-20-a04 Enclosure Base, Front Wall
ast-20-a05 Enclosure Base, Back Wall
ast-20-a06 Enclosure: Upper Side Truss
ast-20-a07 Enclosure: Front/Back Roof Truss
ast-20-a08 Enclosure: Interior Roof Truss
ast-20-a09 Enclosure: Misc. Parts, 1
ast-20-a10 Enclosure: Misc. Parts, 2
ast-20-a11 Enclosure: Front Wall
ast-20-a12 Enclosure: Front Door
ast-20-a13 Enclosure: Rear Wall Frame
ast-20-a14 Oil Pump Shroud
ast-20-a15 Track for Roll-Off Roof
ast-20-a16 Utility Building (top view)
ast-20-a17 Encl: Parts for Door Mechanism
ast-20-a18 Enclosure: Door Pull (obsolete)
ast-20-a19 Track Carriage
ast-20-a20 Typical Rail Joints

ast-20-p01 Enclosure: Front-Wall Parts
ast-20-p02 Enclosure: Various Parts
ast-20-p03 Enclosure: Various Track Parts
ast-20-p04 Enclosure: Carriage Parts

ast-20-r01 Bolt Patterns, 1
ast-20-r02 Bolt Patterns, 2

FIBER FEED (Group 21)

ast-21-a01 Fiber Input and Folding Mirror
ast-21-a02 Main Input Stage
ast-21-a03 Fiber-attachment Mounts
ast-21-a04 Mount for Folding Flat
ast-21-a05 Low-Dispersion Input Stage

ast-21-p01 Slider Body
ast-21-p02 Holes in Slider Body
ast-21-p03 Misc. Parts for Fiber Feed
ast-21-p04 Bracket for Fiber Feed
ast-21-p05 Various Parts for fiber Feed
ast-21-p06 Holders for Limit Switches
ast-21-p07 Main Parts for Low-Disp Feed
ast-21-p08 Bridge for Reimaging Mirror
ast-21-p09 Reimaging Mirror
ast-21-p10 Parts Attached to Bridge

ast-21-r01 Modification of Slit Holder
ast-21-r02 Screw Holes in Bridge


ast-22-a01 Mirror Stand (Collimator)
ast-22-a02 Mirror/Grating Positioner)

ast-22-p01 Positioning Actuator, 1
ast-22-p02 Positioning Actuator, 2
ast-22-p03 Positioning Actuator, 3
ast-22-p04 Base for Collimator Stand, 1
ast-22-p05 Base for Collimator Stand, 2
ast-22-p06 Back Plate for Mirror Stand
ast-22-p07 Misc Parts for Mirror Stand
ast-22-p08 Vertical Positioning Screw
ast-22-p09 Baffles
ast-22-p10 Side/Bottom Pucks for Mirror
ast-22-p11 Various Alignment Jigs for Pucks

ast-22-r01 Machining Base
ast-22-r02 Actuators in Mirror Stand


ast-23-a01 Mount for Echelle Grating
ast-23-p01 Base for echelle Stand, 1
ast-23-p02 Base for echelle Stand, 2
ast-23-p03 Sides for echelle Stand, 1
ast-23-p04 Sides for echelle Stand, 2
ast-23-p05 Top Plate for echelle Stand
ast-23-p06 Various Plates for echelle Stand
ast-23-p07 Counterweight for echelle Stand
ast-23-p08 Counterweight for echelle Stand, 2

ast-23-r01 Screw Holes in Base for Echelle
ast-23-r02 Top Plate: Attach for Counterwt
ast-23-r03 Modifications for Feed and Flat, 1
ast-23-r04 Modifications for Feed and Flat, 2


ast-24-a01 Mount for Cross-Disp Grating

ast-24-p01 Base for Xdisp Grating Stand, 1
ast-24-p02 Base for Xdisp Grating Stand, 2
ast-24-p03 Base for Xdisp Grating Stand, 3
ast-24-p04 Base for Xdisp Grating Stand, 4
ast-24-p05 Base for Xdisp Grating Stand, 5
ast-24-p06 Base for Xdisp Grating Stand, 6
ast-24-p07 Base for Xdisp Grating Stand, 7
ast-24-p08 Base for Xdisp Grating Stand, 8
ast-24-p09 Base for Xdisp Grating Stand, 9

ast-24-r01 Channel for Seal


ast-25-a01 Overview of Camera

ast-25-p01 Lenses for Camera

DEWAR/CCD (Group 26)

ast-26-a01 Overview of Dewar
ast-26-a02 Dewar on Maintenance Stand

ast-26-p01 Maintenance Stand for Dewar


ast-27-a01 Dimensions of Optical Table
ast-27-a02 Jig for Moving Optical Table
ast-27-a03 Insulating Cover for Optical Table

ast-27-p01 Leg Extenders for Base


ast-28-a01 Calibration Bench
ast-28-a02 Shimming Mounts for Calib. Bench
ast-28-a03 Details of Flip Mirror

ast-28-p01 Parts for Calib. Bench
ast-28-p02 Parts for Calib. Bench, 2
ast-28-p03 Parts for Calib. Bench, 3