Procedures for Assembling the 2-m AST

I. Parts Lists

The first documents are the telescope parts list and the spectrograph parts list.

II. Procedures for Assembling the Telescope

The second group of documents have to do with putting the telescope together and taking it apart. The base is assembled as a unit with its oil pads, lower skirt, slewing ring, and other such equipment for shipping to the site. It is shipped on an 8-ft-square pallet with various parts and equipment for assembly. Equipment expected with the base is three levelling jacks, the oil-return line, the attachment for the central pivot bearing, and the main parts of the base skirt.

  1. Shipping procedures for the AST.
  2. Assembling the base and putting it into the observatory.
  3. Handling the fork.
  4. Putting the tube into the telescope.
  5. Attaching the altitude slewing ring to the tube.
  6. Adjusting the drive tractors.
  7. Putting the primary mirror into the mirror cell (tube).
  8. Adding the lateral support levers to the mirror cell.
  9. Handling the top end of the telescope.
  10. Adding the air-sucking system.
  11. Putting the secondary mirror into the telescope and balancing the tube.
  12. Running the telescope with the Galil terminal program.
  13. Aligning the telescope.
  14. Handling the CCD for the spectrograph.