Driveway to Telescope Enclosures
at Fairborn Observatory

Initial Site Development: TSU supported the initial development of Fairborn Observatory's site in Washington Camp, Arizona, to the extent necessary to put the 2-m AST there. This development included helping select the actual location for the telescopes before Fairborn Observatory relocated to WC, funding a road up the hill to the telescopes, funding a fraction of the cost of the electrical connection, and building a workshop.

  1. Joel Eaton with bulldozer used to cut road, April, 1996.
  2. Greg Henry and Lou Boyd with rock drill for blasting drivedway, April, 1996.
  3. Lower branch of driveway up to telescopes, June 1996.
  4. Upper branch of driveway above switchback, June, 1996.
  5. Driveway winds around hill.
  6. Driveway at the telescope site.