The New Internet Connection
for Fairborn Observatory

(March 2001)

Fairborn Observatory has recently added a radio communications link to Mt. Hopkins which will give us a greatly improved Internet connection. This will improve somewhat the transfer of photometric data from the observatory to the users, but, more importantly for the first time, it will be possible to run telescopes in real time and retrieve imaging data from them.

The radio link consists of two legs, one (8.4 miles) between Fairborn Observatory and a relay station at a local ranch, and a second (25 miles) from the relay station to our antenna at Mt. Hopkins. We are using four Western Multiplex Tsunami model 31170 radios with 2-foot plus 4-foot antennas for the short link and a pair of 4-foot antennas for the long link.

We are expecting transfer rates of xxMb/s with this new link and will be adding the capability of obtaining pictures of the site and the telescopes over the Internet in the next few months.

Some pretty Pictures:
  1. Map showing the two legs of the system.
  2. Picture of Mt. Hopkins taken from the relay site.
  3. Picture of Fairborn Observatory taken from the relay site.